Ed Byrne

Ed Byrne

Chief instructor

Ed Byrne is the Chief Instructor of the Byrne Black Belt Academy ( BBBA ).

Ed, Started his Martial Arts career in 1974, when he started training in the traditional Karate style of Bujinkai as a 7 year old Boy.

He has been currently training in the Martial Arts for 46 years. He has trained in Traditional Karate, Sport Karate, Pak Mei Kung Fu, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Kickboxing and Judo

In 2006 Ed, left his full-time job to set up his dream business of opening a Martial Arts school within the first year the school grew from 60 students to 360 students at present the BBBA has over 700 students. 

Ed Byrne is 14 x World Champion, his most current, winning the World Breaking championships at the ISKA World Champions, US Open in Florida in 2019 at the age of 52yrs.

He has also made a few TV appearances namely ITV1 documentary Super Human, Super Strong and the Paul O’Grady show, with his youngest Son, Alfie 

Ed retired from competing late in life at 44 years, he decided to put all that energy into his competition Team, he was also the ISKA National Point Fight Coach in  2009 and 2010. Ed took only 2 fighters to the 2009 ISKA European Championships in Rome in 2009, they were his Son ( and now 13 x World Champion and England Coach ) Bradley Byrne and Laura Easterbrook, they both won Gold, the following Year took 5 fighters to the ISKA World Championships in Alicante, Spain and they all won Gold… Ed was the invited by former ISKA amateur director Andrew Hennessy to join him as the ICO National Point Fight coach from 2011 - present, he is also currently the UK Mat Sports director for the ICO.

Ed’s fight Team… Team Byrne with the help of Bradley and the BBBA Senior Coaches, have become a force to be reckoned with.. creating one of the World’s best Teams, winning over 250 World Titles.. topping the leader board at most tournaments that they enter.. 

Also winning an amazing 11 World Team Titles including 2 Irish Open ( Wako World Cup ) twice in three years.. 2 ISKA World Championships/ US Open on the same day and Winning the ICO World Champ Team event for the under 12’s, under 15’s and Adults on the same day.

Ed is the Chief Instructor of the Byrne Black Belt Academy Pirates